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How to install and uninstall Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on windows 7


The default web browser on windows 7 is the Internet Explore 8 (IE8), but up to now it was not supported the security by Microsoft . IE11 is the last version of Microsoft, it released in 2013 for windows 7, 8.1 with the purpose of improving the stability, speed, JavaScript performance, HTML5 full screen� in 2015, IE11 also released for windows 10 (Microsoft Edge is the default web browser integrated in windows 10).

Benefits of intelligent building management system (iBMS)


Have you ever thought to check and control your home even you are not available at your home? iBMS will help you to do it .iBMS connects all equipments in your house and manages them through a central device. This device connected with keyboard or via internet environment helpt you to set up and control equipments in your home follow your requirement, as lightning system

Similar and different features of GPON SFP types

gpon sfp

As we know that GPON uses the optical wave length range from 1480 - 1500 nm for upstream with the optical center wave length is 1490 nm, and the optical length range from 1260-1360 nm for downstream with the optical center wave length is 1310 nm. Actually in GPON transceiver uses two GPON SFP types, those are SFP class B+ and SFP class C+, so what are similar and different features between them? To understand more deeply about GOPN SFP features, we will go to investigate important specifications of them.

Fast Connector

fast connector

The Fast Connector is the quick optical connector type that no need to use the fusion splicer to weld the optical fiber and the Fast Connector used widely in telecommunications field to connect the optical signal from service provider to end customer or among equipments, ODF (Optical Distribution Frame) in data centers of service provider.

Understanding the Gagabit Passive Optical Network (GPON)

gpon network

Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) was gave out by ITU-T in the Recommendation G.984. It used to connect the optical cable from customer to provider through point to multipoint connection type. With high transmission speed, it allows providing reliability services as video, high speed internet, video conference and other broadband services. GPON has some main elements as Optical Line Terminal (OLT), Splitters, Optical Network Unit (ONU)/Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

Some popular optical fiber connectors (SC, FC, LC, ST)

optical fiber connector

Optical fiber connectors are used to join the end of optical fibers, it has been used widely in telecommunication to connect the devices to each other through optical fiber patch cord, or optical fiber cable in a building, data center, customer, between service provider with customer...