Difference between MCCB and MCB

1. What are MCCB and MCB?

MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) and MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), they used in industry, families to connect or disconnect power systems (one phase AC power, three phase AC power)to avoid short circuit, overload, and they called with common name is CB (circuit breaker). Depending on different usage purposes, MCCB or MCB will be chosen, actually MCCB is usually used for industrial equipments and MCB used in family.


2. Features of MCCB and MCB

* With MCCB

- Operating rated current up to 2,500 Amps.
- The ultimate Short circuit current (Icu) up to 200 kAmps. On some models Ics=100% Icu.

* With MCB

- Operating rated current is lower than MCCB and its rated current is less than 100 Amps.
- The ultimate Short circuit current (Icu) is less than 18 kAmps.

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