how to use memory cleaner

memory interface

For computers that have small RAM capacity as 2Gbyte, 4Gbyte. After you install a lot of application softwares, the equipment will operate more slowly acording to affect your work, so the use of memory optimized software will help computer to run more faster, and Memory Cleaner software is one of the best choices to release RAM capacity of the computer system. To install and use the Memory Cleaner software, we do step by step as below:

Nitro Pro 10 software overview

windows features

For office staffs, students... the Nitro Pro 10 software is one of the useful softwares to read, create, modify the PDF file. On the other hand, it's also equiped many other functions as convert the pdf file to image file, word and excel understand more deeply about the functions of this software, we would like to introduce some the esential features of its as below:

How to use CanoScan LiDE210

canon scan LiDE210

The LiDE210 model is a manual scanner type of Canon that used widely in offices for scanning the document, it allows save the result under different formats as pdf, jpg extention. To use this model, the first we have to download and install the Navigator EX 4.0 driver on the computer.

How to display number 0 at the beginning of number series in excel

setup text format in excel

Do you usually use the Excel editor for your job? Have you ever met with difficulties in showing number 0 at the first position on the left of number series? Sometime you need to display it to facilitate for your work, but the default number format in excel is General, excel will not save and display zero on the left of number string. To do this, Ltpshare would like to share some solutions follow:

how to How to turn off IE 10 on windows 8

windows features

Sometime user wants to turn off the internet explorer 10 (IE 10) on computer due to the different reasons or purposes. With IE10 on windows 8, you will not see it when log into "programs and features" directory in the Control Panel to turn off/uninstall as other application softwares, to do it we carry out step by step as below:

how to install and uninstall IE 11 on windows 7

install the Internet Explorer 11

The default web browser on windows 7 is the Internet Explore 8 (IE8), but up to now it was not supported the security by Microsoft . IE11 is the last version of Microsoft, it released in 2013 for windows 7, 8.1 with the purpose of improving the stability, speed, JavaScript performance, HTML5 full screen… in 2015, IE11 also released for windows 10 (Microsoft Edge is the default web browser integrated in windows 10).