How to convert PDF file to Image, Word and Excel file by Nitro Pro 10?

Have you ever had to convert a pdf file into other formats as word, image, excel, powerpoint…? actually there are a lot of softwares can support to do, but The Nitro pro 10 is a really powerful software for converting file format, in order to understand more about this software, we would like to introduce some converted functions as below:

Convert pdf file to Image

On the main taskbar of Nitro Pro 10 we select “Home” item---> select “To Other”---> click “ To Image” to go to the setting and converted window.

the main taskbar of Nitro Pro 10

On this windows you can adjust some parameters follow your requirement before converting the document as:

- Choose pages: allow you to select all pages or arange of pages (example, type 2-9, it means the pages from 2 to 9 will be converted to image file) to convert.

-Image format: some formats are available for your choosing as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, multi-page TIFF.

- Downsample (DPI): To select the resolutive levels of file after converting as 72, 96, 150, 300, 600, 1200.

- Output folder: allow to save the result in original folder that contains pdf file or in a specific folder.

After done all steps above, we select “convert” item to start converting the document.

setting and convert pdf file to image

Convert pdf file to word

On the main taskbar we select “To Word” item, a new window of convert PDF to word appears, we start adjusting some parameters as choose pages need to be converted, output folder to save the final result. In “Options” item you can change a lot of other parameters in which word file formats as .docx (word 2007) or .doc (word 2003). After done all jobs above, we select “convert” item to make conversion.

setting and convert pdf file to word

Convert pdf file to Excel

To convert pdf file to excel file, we start to do as same as with converting pdf file to word above.