how to use memory cleaner

For computers that have small RAM capacity as 2Gbyte, 4Gbyte. After you install a lot of application softwares, the equipment will operate more slowly acording to affect your work, so the use of memory optimized software will help computer to run more faster, and Memory Cleaner software is one of the best choices to release RAM capacity of the computer system. To install and use the Memory Cleaner software, we do step by step as below:

Installing and using Memory Cleaner software

Step 1:

Double click with left mouse on software, a window of "user account control" apears, we select "yes" to begin running the installation file.

user acount controll window

A "memory cleaner" window displayed, select "yes" to continue


Step 2:

A "memory cleaner" window show some information as version of software, author... this step we click "accept" to install and wait unstill complete the progress.

install memory cleaner perform installing memory cleaner

Step 3: Guide to use memory cleaner

When memory cleaner runs, we have two selections to optimize the computer system that are

"Trim Processes' Working Set" and "Clear System Cache"

memory interface

in "options" section we have 6 selections to optimise computer system.

memory options

in "options" section we have 6 selections to optimise computer system.

Trim processes' working set when usage exceeds 8%: software will automatically optimize RAM capacity when RAM resource used more than 80%

Clear system cache usage exceeds 80%:software will automatically clear cache when RAM resource used more than 80%

Trim processes' working set every 5 minutes:Optimize RAM automatically every 5 minutes

Clear system cache every 5 minutes:Clear the system cache every 5 minutes

Start memory cleaner with windows:Start software when computer system operates

Do not run memory cleaner in the background:do not run software in the background mode

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