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Fast Connector

What is the Fast Connector?

The Fast Connector is the quick optical connector type that no need to use the fusion splicer to weld the optical fiber and the Fast Connector used widely in telecommunications field to connect the optical signal from service provider to end customer or among equipments, ODF (Optical Distribution Frame) in data centers of service provider.

Features of Fast Connector

- Onsite installation and the splicing method of the fiber into Fast Connector is simple.

- Compliant with SC/UPC, SC/APC connection standards.

- Can be reused several times and ensure the allowable attenuation threshold.

- Compliant with drop cable, indoor cable and low friction cable.

- Connector housing: made by high quality plastic.

- Ferrule core: made by Zirconia Ceramic.

fast connector

Main specifications

- Applicable cable diameter: 3x2 mm (drop/indoor cable), 2x1.6 mm (low friction indoor cable).

- Insertion loss: <= 3 dB (with single mode fiber).

- Return loss: >= 45 dB (SM fiber), >= 50 dB (SM fiber).

- Radius of curvature: 5 to 25 mm (with UPC), 5 to 12 mm (with APC).

- Apex offset (center offset of the fiber): < 50 micrometer (UPC, APC).

- Fiber heigh: from -50 nm to 50 nm (UPC, APC).