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How to display number 0 at the beginning of number series in excel

Do you usually use the Excel editor for your job? Have you ever met with difficulties in showing number 0 at the first position on the left of number series? Sometime you need to display it to facilitate for your work, but the default number format in excel is General, excel will not save and display zero on the left of number string. To do this, Ltpshare would like to share some solutions follow:

Case 1. Change the current format of cell into Text format

On the sheet that you are working, click the right mouse on the cell that you want to change format, then select “Fomat cells”---> select “Text”---> then click “OK” to agree to change the current format to “Text” format. Now you can enter zero at the first position of number string.

setup text format in excel

Case 2. Use the apostrophe (‘)

In the cell you enter the apostrophe before enter zero and other numbers. By this way you can also show the leading zero of number series.

use apostrophe to show the leading zero in excel

Case 3. Use custom feature to edit the cell format.

On the cell you click the right mouse----> then select “Format cells” item----> select “custom” item---> type 000.000 to display three digits on the left and right of the decimal number.

use custom feature to change cell format in excel