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How to install and uninstall Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on windows7

The default web browser on windows 7 is the Internet Explore 8 (IE8), but up to now it was not supported the security by Microsoft . IE11 is the last version of Microsoft, it released in 2013 for windows 7, 8.1 with the purpose of improving the stability, speed, JavaScript performance, HTML5 full screen… in 2015, IE11 also released for windows 10 (Microsoft Edge is the default web browser integrated in windows 10). So to install IE11 for windows, the first we need to download IE1 software that is appropriate for your windows 7 version (32 bit or 64 bit) from then do step by step as below:

Install IE 11 on windows 7

Step 1: Double click the left mouse on the sofware and a prompt windows appears we select “Install” to start installing IE 11.


Step 2: wait the process done

installation of IE11 is running

Step 3: restart your computer to activate IE by select “restart now”


Uninstall IE11 on windows 7

If on windows 8 to remove IE 10 we have to access to “turn windows features on or off” direction in control panel, on windows 7 is not same, we do step by step as below:

Step 1: access to control panel --->program---> programs and features---> uninstall a program---> select Internet Explorer 11--->click ” uninstall” to remove IE update.

promp uninstall IE11 on windows7

Step 2: a new windows appears to prompt you wether want to uninstall or not, we select “Yes” to start uninstalling

start uninstall IE11 on windows7

Step 3: wait the process done

waiting process complete

Step 4: restart your computer to complete removing IE 11 by select “Restart Now”

restart computer after uninstalling IE11

After uninstalling IE11, IE 8 browser will be restored again on windows