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RJ45, RJ48 connection standards

RJ45 connection standard

RJ45 (Registered Jack) is a ethernet interface, it was created by the Bell System under a 1976 Federal Communications Commission, RJ45 plug standard is used for connecting the terminal equipments as telecommunication equipments or computers to transfer data, voice, video... through layer2 or layer3 protocol. the channel's speed can reach 1000Mbps when use RJ45 plug standard, but the transmited distance is only around the actuality there are two RJ45 wiring standards, that is T568A and T568B. The detail these standards are represented as bellow figure:

Depend on each of the different device, straight cable or crossover cable will be used appropriately.

  • The straight cable is used for connecting the different device types as the computer with switch/hub, computer with network modem's port or router's WAN port with modem's LAN port...
  • The crossover cable is used for connecting the same types of device as computer to computer directly, router's LAN port to switch/hub's normal port...

To understand more deeply about the wiring types for straight cable and crossover cable with RJ45 plug, you can refer to the below wiring schema:

RJ45 wiring schema

RJ48 connection standard

RJ48 plug also uses the 8P8C plug is same as RJ45 plug, but RJ48 plug's wiring method is different with RJ45 plug and it is used for connecting the devices to each other at layer1. it is usually used for T1 line, E1 line

To understand more deeply, please refer to the wiring schema as below:

RJ48 wiring schema